Hi, I’m Dragos, and this is my wife Alexandra

We are the main authors for this site and a few other unrelated blogs. So we are a family of writers.

I decided to start this website when I realized that we talked a lot about the importance of having a good and healthy social life, and when I say “a lot”, I mean it. 

I think most people underestimate how important a healthy social life is. The main areas I will touch on are how to keep a healthy relationship with your spouse, family, and friends. Because many times we take things for granted and forget that we need to make a conscious effort to maintain them or make new ones. 

This is the main reason why this site exists, to remind you that you have to put some effort into making new friends or keeping healthy relationships with the ones you already have or with the family. I know this because there were a couple of years when we focused too much on our careers than our friends, and we lost all of them. So we know how is not to have a good social life, and it is really bad even if you achieve your career goals.

My Story

I will tell you my social life story in a few words because I believe it will help you understand that I know what making new friends means, and you can check if what I write and what principles I have in life keep up with my story.

I changed five cities in Romania, my home country. When I was 13 my parents divorced so I had to move at the time to another city, and I know how important friends are at that age. It was very hard that time to make new ones, and I consider that I haven’t successfully done that in the second city I moved in.

Then, I went to high school in another bigger city because I wanted a Sports High School, and it wasn’t available in the small city I lived in. And at that point, I realized how important it is to be able to socialize well, because I lived in a dorm with four other roommates for a year or so, then I changed to a few rental apartments that I shared with two or three friends.

After high school, I went to college in another even bigger city where my journey was similar, changing a lot of dorm rooms and renting apartments. The bottom line is that I had 49 roommates in total in my life, and with my wife now 50, I hope only a few kids will add to this number from now on.

My wife and I have been living together since 2016 and changed one city where we had to make new friends, and we did it. Now we believe we have more friends than before, despite living in this city for only two years or so. We talked a lot about how to make new friends when we moved here, and we did some things on purpose to make sure this would happen.

My and my wife live together, have the same friends, we have a gym at home, we worked at the same job, and now we are bloggers, so we stay together 24/7. But despite spending so much time together in the last six years, if one of us is away for a few hours, not days, we miss each other.

Why do I believe my story is important for the readers of my site?

I told you the story of how many people I lived with to let you know that I have some experience with dealing with different kinds of people.

I have the experience of having lots of friends and taking them for granted, which leads to losing them, and that’s how I learned that you need to put some effort into keeping your friends and family close.

In conclusion, I believe that besides having a good relationship with your spouse, having healthy relationships with your friends and family is the most important thing for our happiness, so we should put more time, thought, and effort into those areas.

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