Can Clothes Make You More Attractive? – Choose Wisely

Can clothes make you more attractive is kind of a rhetorical question, but the real difficulty is knowing how to take full advantage of this and why people pay so much attention to clothing?

Attractiveness is related to the first impression, the look, and the vibe a person has in general. It is also a matter of taste, so not everybody will like the same thing.

Some people will like a shy person, while others will like an arrogant one or a funny person with a great sense of humor over a very serious person, and clothing can reflect all those qualities.

In this article, we will discuss what matters when you want to be attractive and how you can make your clothes your friend, not your enemy.

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Can clothes make you more attractive?

Yes, clothes can make anyone more attractive if they are chosen in a way that will highlight your strengths when it comes to your body and your personality.

A well-dressed person looks more confident and self-aware, which are attractive qualities.

The tricky part here is that there isn’t a formula for what clothes make us more attractive, it differs a lot from one person to another, even if they might have the same body type.

You should never copy other people’s clothing styles just because you like that person without thinking about your personality, body, and preferences.

It is important that you feel good and comfortable in the clothes you wear, only that way can you show confidence and be more attractive. If you have nice clothes, but you are always paying attention to how they sit on you or you are uncomfortable, people around you will notice that, and it will not be as attractive as you might think.

I hope you noticed that I haven’t said anything about the price of your clothes, it doesn’t matter, you can wear cheaper clothes that will make you more attractive than expensive clothes. However, in some circles, branded clothes matters a lot, and they might see this as attractive, which is not wrong, we all appreciate different things.

So while the price is not as important when it comes to how well the cloth suits you, some people will respect branded clothes more than non-branded ones, which unconsciously might make you more attractive to them. It also might signal that you have a better social status and more money which might not be true, but in the short term, it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, it’s about how it is perceived.

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Does clothing reflect personality?

Yes, clothing reflects personality because usually, we tend to dress in a way that will reflect what we feel, what we like, and how we want to be seen.

Also, not dressing according to your personality is a bit awkward and visible from a mile away.

A shy, reserved person will not be as attractive in a strong red color while having a humble attitude. I’m not saying that a humble attitude is bad, it is actually good in many situations, but the red color grabs attention, it is very pretentious, and it will suit better someone that want’s to be in the middle of the attention rather than someone that want’s to stay in their corner with a few friends.

I’m an extrovert that likes to be in the middle of attention. At my wedding, I had a dark burgundy slim suit that had some glitter on the lapel and a bow tie with a black shirt. It wouldn’t work on a more reserved person or an introvert who would like to stay under the radar, but it was great and made me feel awesome on that day.

So the first step when choosing clothes is to make sure they fit you well, and the second one is to make sure they reflect your personality and how you want to be seen.

Pay attention to the circle you are in

The circle you are in matters a lot when choosing clothes, whether you like this or not. Usually, we want to make a good impression and be attractive to the right people, not to everybody, which is impossible anyway.

I finished sports high school and physical education and sports university, so you can imagine that having nice-looking sports clothes was the most attractive thing for us. You couldn’t impress us with your new good-looking leather jacket even if it suited you very well.

While on the other side, my wife finished a more science-based high school and studied sociology at university with a group of rocker friends. She told me that at the time, being dressed like a rocker, with long hair, and sharing the same music tastes was the most attractive thing for her. So, me wearing a slim-fit V-neck T-shirt would have been the last thing she wanted at the time, while for other girls might have been the most attractive thing. We’ve changed since then, and now we are more open-minded about clothes, and she actually encourages me to wear fitter clothes now, funny, isn’t it? 

The truth is that she doesn’t have the same circle anymore, and neither do I, so now we focus only on what we think fits us the best.

Be aware of that thin line between dressing well to impress others without you liking that style. The best thing you can do is to define your style clearly and what you want to wear and then find a circle that appreciates that style rather than changing your preferences for someone else.

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Good clothes that fit your body and your personality will make you more attractive.

If you don’t know what clothes will highlight you, go ahead and ask for as many opinions as possible but always ask, “why would that be great for me?” because many people will tend to tell you their style without thinking about you.

You might find someone to resonate with and like what they recommend, and that’s nothing wrong with that. There are certain things in life that we are not good at, and choosing clothes is a thing that many people are bad at.