Does Perfume Make You More Attractive? A Few Things To Know

For the ones that don’t know, there is a movie called”Perfume, the story of a murderer” where the entire premise is about how attractive a good perfume can be, so is it true, does perfume make you more attractive?

By the way, that is a great movie, so if you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it and there are not many movies about perfumes.

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Does perfume make you more attractive?

Yes, most of the time, wearing perfume makes you more attractive, but it depends on the perfume and how much it suits you and the other person’s preferences when it comes to fragrance.

When it comes to attractiveness, the first impression matters a lot, and a nice perfume can help you a lot alongside a great look and a nice personality, but a nice smell is the lowest-hanging fruit of those attractive traits.

It is important to know that good personal hygiene matters a lot when you use perfume. Nothing is more off-putting than a person that smells bad and uses perfume to cover that.

Many times having a nice clean, fresh smell is enough to be attractive. However, in a community where everybody has decent hygiene and takes care of themselves, being clean will not help you stand out, while a nice perfume can be a nice extra touch.

The thing with perfume is that it is subjective, some people will like fresh perfumes, while others will like sweeter ones, and so on. 

It can happen that the person you want to notice you will have completely different preferences when it comes to fragrances which might not help you at all. But let’s not focus on that since perfume must be something you wear for yourself first and must suit your personality.

One more thing I want to point out before going forward is that there is such a thing as too much perfume, you have to wear it decently and don’t bathe in perfume; it is very off-putting and suffocating.

What does a good smell tell about you?

Many times when we talk about attractiveness, it is about what a trait or a thing a person does says about themselves. Here is what wearing a good perfume says about a person:

-Good hygiene

As I said before, if you wear perfume but you smell bad is not a good idea, and it will not be attractive. However, most of the time, a decent person knows that you have to apply perfume when you are clean and fresh, so wearing perfume is a sign that the person has probably done the first steps to good hygiene already.

Also, if you think about buying perfume, it means that you think about smelling good, so there are bigger chances of wanting to be clean.

It is not a rule, but in my experience, I saw more people that smell bad and don’t use perfume than those that do.


A good perfume that suits your personality can be a sign of confidence and pride; when this is not the case, smelling good gives us confidence so that we will end up more confident anyway.

Also, one thing I noticed is that people that wear perfume and smell good seem to be more confident even if they are not, but when we talk about someone being attractive, how they seem to be is very important.

For example, an arrogant person seems to be confident, and that’s why some people consider this as being attractive even if they are not actually confident.


Someone who knows how to choose a perfume that will make them stand out and make an effort to use it regularly has to be self-aware and probably have high self-esteem compared to those who don’t know how to do that.

-Mental anchoring

To put this in plain words, we all had an experience with a smell that got stuck in our brains for a long time and reminded us of a certain place or person.

Imagine what perfume can do for you when it comes to being attracted by someone if you really like that smell. Wearing a nice perfume can be very powerful and make you incredibly attractive to a person that likes it.

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A nice perfume can make you more attractive, and even if it is subjective, we usually like a range of smells, not a certain type, so there will not be only a small percentage of people that will like that smell.

Wearing a perfume that suits you and your personality is the most important thing, don’t choose a perfume because someone likes it but you don’t since you will most probably don’t enjoy using it.