Is Being Funny Attractive? 5 Good Reasons

Everybody likes being around funny people. But does that means that being funny is attractive?

Since there can be a gap between liking to spend time with someone and being attracted by that person, they often overlap but always.

Before going into the topic, it is important to understand that different traits and qualities attract us. There are people that find shy people attractive, while others might find more assertive people attractive. Also for other people, quiet people might be the most attractive people in the world.

funny person

Is being funny attractive?

When it comes to attractiveness, it is more about how a person makes us feel when we meet them than how they are when you actually get to know them better. So, the first impression is very important when we talk about someone being attractive.

A funny person will most likely make you feel good and have a good time which can make them attractive.

Here is an article about the differences between being funny and being a clown to understand better what we are talking about in this article since there is a fine line between those two. 

Being a clown that is always joking and not taking anything seriously is not attractive at all while being genuinely funny without being annoying is one of the most appreciated qualities when it comes to attractiveness.

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What makes funny people attractive?

There are some qualities that funny people have that make them attractive, it might not be for all of them, but generally speaking.

1. They make you feel good

A funny person will always make you laugh or smile, and that is pretty important when we think about a person we might like to spend more time with.

Most people that are too serious or at least not funny make us think twice if we want to be around them, if it’s not necessarily, while funny people are like a magnet for people around them.

So the first step to having someone attracted by you is to make them feel good, and when we talk about the first impression, it is rarely a deep and intelligent conversation that will get you there.

2. More relaxed

Life is pretty tense, or at least many people make it look like that, having someone that seems more relaxed and cool is like a breath of fresh air. It is not that funny people don’t take anything seriously, but they seem to not have that many problems, while a more serious person makes you want to question them, “what’s wrong”?

It might be nothing wrong, but this is our first reaction, and our first reaction when we see someone being funny is that they are chill and have no problems on their mind, which is more attractive than someone being tense and stressed.

A funny person might help you even when you have a serious problem to solve. Being around someone that is way too serious might make your problem look worse than it is while being around someone funny might make you feel less stressed and see things more clearly. Of course, this might have a downside if you take the situation too lightly.

3. More approachable

When we consider someone attractive, it is important to consider them approachable to make a step in their direction. If the other person is too serious and seems unapproachable, both of you might lose the opportunity, while with a funny person, you might have an easier time approaching them, which will make you get to know each other better, and it might be a win-win situation.

It can be interesting when a person seems to be unapproachable, but the bad thing is that you will never get to know them, and if they don’t realize that you consider them attractive, they will most likely not approach you as well, so it is a lose-lose situation.

4. Good at socializing

Many times when we go out with friends or other people, the funniest person will get the most attention since there are not as many situations when we go out and want to have too serious discussions.

More serious discussions are important when there are just a few people that know each other well, but most times, when we go out to socialize, it is no need for serious discussions, and even then, starting on a funny note is not a bad idea.

So, in general, being funny will make you have a better time when socializing and make other people like you. It is important not to be a clown and take all the attention. Also, you should know when you should be quiet or serious.

5. Smart

Actual funny people have to be smart since it is not as easy as it might seem to be funny and appreciated for that. If you want to avoid being rude or being a clown that is always funny, which is not attractive, you have to be smart and have a good sense of humor.

Also, having good jokes that will make more people laugh requires understanding the people you are with, what they like to hear, what jokes are appropriate, and so on, which is a sign of empathy and paying attention to other people around you.

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Being funny is attractive most of the time, but being funny alone is not enough, you should be smart and not become a clown while you are funny.

Pay attention to people around you, see their reaction to you being funny, and don’t make being funny all your personality.