Is Being Serious Attractive? A Few Things To Be Aware Of

Attractiveness is personal and differs from one person to another, but being serious might be attractive to many people.

In this article, I will talk about why serious people might be considered attractive because when we say that someone is attractive, it is more about their vibe and the first impression rather than how they actually are.

I will talk about what qualities a serious person seems to have and why this makes them attractive.

is being serious attractive

Is being serious attractive?

Yes, being serious is attractive, especially if one wants a long-term relationship with serious plans because seriousness shows confidence and reliability.

However, there is a fine line between being serious and being stuck up, high-strung or tense. Not smiling and not having a sense of humor doesn’t necessarily mean that you are serious.

Being serious in a non-serious environment shows a lack of adaptability. If you go to a stand-up comedy and you want to be very serious, you are in the wrong place.

Not smiling in a photo, or wanting to talk about super important and productive stuff with your friends over when you have a beer, doesn’t make you more serious either.

We all know a few people that don’t have a sense of humor, don’t talk too much and don’t smile, but we still don’t consider them serious or reliable.

We consider different things as being attractive, so being serious for some people might be the most attractive quality, while for others, it might be off-putting. 

So I would not focus too much on what is attractive to others but rather on improving on what I am good at and what comes naturally to me. There is for sure someone that finds that attractive, as there are people that find shy people attractive.

While a serious person might give you confidence that they are capable of taking things seriously, a funny person will make you feel that no matter the problem, they will make things seem easier and more manageable. Both can be very useful in different situations, so make sure you don’t end up in extremes.

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Why might serious people seem attractive?

A person is attractive because their actions reveal other qualities they have. Even if, in some situations, it might be just how it seems to be, it does the trick, at least in the beginning.

What qualities does a serious person seem to have:


More serious people seem more confident, or at least it is something we associate with someone that is more serious. In some cases, it is just what appears to be, and it is not like that necessarily, for example, arrogant people also seem to be confident.

Confidence is one of a person’s most appreciated qualities, so it’s easy to see why someone who is or at least seems to be confident can be attractive. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be confident and joking at the same time, but we often associate a serious person with confidence more than a funny one.


This is one of the best qualities we associate with a serious person. We usually don’t expect someone that is very serious not to do what they have said or not to be punctual.

This is an attractive quality, especially for a long-term relationship, and a serious person seems to have it.


It is easier to trust a serious, confident person compared to a funny, more casual one, even if it doesn’t always pay off, but this is our first reaction and instinct.

Almost anybody can agree that trustworthiness is a great quality to have in life, and this is especially true when we talk about a partner.

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The conclusion for this article and all the articles I wrote about attractiveness is that any quality that goes to extremes is not attractive. So being serious is attractive if it is not too serious.

My personal take is that there are way fewer occasions in life when it is necessary to be serious than people consider, but not being serious in the ones that matter is a deal breaker. I guess it is more of an art than a science to know when to be serious and when not, and you should go with your feelings, no one knows better.

Forcing yourself to be more serious than you are will be cringe and people around you will notice that, and you will end up being awkward rather than serious and confident.