Is Following Your Dreams Selfish? – 3 Things To Consider

Is following your dreams selfish? This question doesn’t seem like a question that many people think of, but there are a few good reasons why people have this impression.

In this article, I will talk about why following your dreams can be selfish in certain situations or, at least, why it might seem like you are being selfish while following your dreams.

Is following your dreams selfish?

Following your dreams is not selfish on its own, your dreams can include the well-being of other people around you or across the world, so it is not selfish by default. However, the fact that they are your dreams and people around you might not resonate with them or benefit from what you want to accomplish might seems selfish.

Also, the fact that they do not understand what you are going after might make you not share with them so much, which might be interpreted as being selfish.

There are also people that will do anything to follow their dream, including taking advantage of friendshanging out with them less often, and so on. So yes, in some cases, following your dream is 100% selfish, but it is also true that those people would be selfish even if they were not following their dreams.

following dreams selfish

What should you pay attention to when you follow your dreams?

That being said, it might seem easy to blame people around you because they consider you selfish for following your dreams without putting yourself in their shoes to see why they are doing it.

I discussed in my article about having fewer friends when you become successful, why we lose friends when we reach our dreams and why it is our fault sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes it is.

So please don’t rush to judge people around you because they don’t understand you, personal growth is about understanding why people think how they think and not about considering yourself better and blaming others.

Why does following your dreams seem selfish?

There are some good reasons why people around you might perceive you as being selfish when you follow your dreams.

1. Your dreams are only yours.

Obviously, your dreams are yours, but this fact on its own might seem selfish. I’m not saying that it is, but if other people around you don’t share your dreams, anything you do toward your dream is unnecessary from their point of view. That means that they will see you as being selfish whenever you choose to follow your dreams instead of doing something with them.

Even if, in the long run, you reaching your dreams might be helpful to the group, even by just being happier and giving a better vibe to the group.

I’m not saying that this is ok, and people around you are right, I’m just saying that it might be how they see those things. If they are your close friends, they should be happy for you and encourage you to work towards your dreams. But you can’t expect the same reaction from casual friends, circumstantial friends, or acquaintances.

2. You distance yourself from the people around you.

Following your dreams is not easy in most cases, and you have to prioritize your time way better when you go for your dreams. This might lead to distancing yourself from people that you might not consider useful in your journey.

This is a trap that most people fall into when reaching for their dreams, they push all the people away, including friends, and that is why we have fewer friends in our 20s and 30s.

There should be a balance between following your dreams and paying attention to the people around you, even if they do not increase your chances of reaching your goal.

So it is easy to see why people consider following your dream can be selfish in those circumstances.

3. You are not grateful for what you have.

Many people don’t know when to be grateful for what they have when following their dreams. They always want more and more, and this might seem very selfish to people around them.

We all have people around us who keep telling us how much they want to achieve in life and that they are just at the beginning and can and will do more.

They can be quite annoying and selfish, so you should be careful how you talk with your friends when you are following your dreams. Sometimes it is your fault because they see you as being selfish, not theirs.

There are differences between bragging about your goals and sharing your thoughts.

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Following your dreams is not selfish if they include the well-being of other people around you, but even in those cases, it might seem like you are being selfish in your journey toward your goals.

Pay attention to people around you, don’t be annoying, and at the same time, don’t be secretive about your dreams, especially with your friends.