Should You Text A Girl You Like Every Day? – 5 Signs To Check

How often to text a girl we like is not as easy to figure out as other people might tell us. Texting her every day might be way too often in some cases but not in all of them, so how do we know how often we should text a girl we like?

In this article, I will try to list a few signs you can check to ensure you are not texting her way too often. The number of how many times you should text a girl you like might not be as useful since it can vary a lot from person to person, and also, the circumstances matter.

Should you text a girl you like every day?

There should not be a set number of times you text a girl you like, but you should check if she likes getting messages from you and how she replies.

It is very different to text a girl every day that you know for sure she likes you back compared to a girl that you don’t have this certainty.

Also, what you are talking about in those messages matters, if it’s “What are you doing?”, “How are you?” and those types of nonmeaningful messages every day might be a lot. This is not only with the girl you like, but it can be true for texting friends as well. However, if you have a common interest, a hobby, or something that you both are passionate about, it would help a lot to have endless conversations that will not bother her.

So it is not only about quantity(how often you text her) but rather the quality and relevance of the messages.

Also, we should talk about what texting her every day means, there is a big difference between texting her once a day and ten times a day also, you have a long conversation over text or a short conversation. This is why I can’t help you with a magic number of how often you should text a girl you like, but I really hope that the signs I will talk about next will help you avoid texting her too often.

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Signs that you are texting a girl way too often

Here are a few signs to check before continuing to text her as often as you do.

1. Does she avoid your messages?

If you end up with a”seen” when you wait for an answer, more often than you would like, that’s a clear sign that you might be a bit insistent. A girl that is into you as well will do her best to prioritize your messages, even if she doesn’t reply right away, she will get back to that message as soon as possible.

2. You are the one that starts all conversations

While with some of your friends might be ok to be the one that starts all conversations because they might not have the initiative when it comes to a girl you like and expect her to like you, it should be more of a two-way street.

If she doesn’t initiate any conversation is a clear sign that she doesn’t think about you as much. We don’t think about our friends every day, but when it comes to a person we like, I can guarantee that there is no day without having them in mind.

So if you are always the one to text first, you might be insistent and annoying. Yes, I’m aware that some girls think they should never text a boy first(not that I agree with), but that is when it comes to the first message, after a date, or in some specific situations, not all the time.

3. Is she replying politely, and that’s all?

If all she does is reply politely to your questions and messages, it is a sign that she doesn’t really like you, but she doesn’t know how to tell you. Those polity surface-level conversations are meant to be had with circumstantial friends or when you have a small talk but not with a person you like.

That doesn’t mean that she should be rude, but we are not overly polite when we really open up to someone.

4. Personal vs. non-personal discussions

If she is not getting personal with you, it might be a sign that she doesn’t want to open up with you, and someone who doesn’t want to open up with you is not a person you should text every day. It might be ok to text her every now and then but not every day if you don’t talk about things that are really important and sometimes personal for you.

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Bottom line

It is hard to know how often you should text a girl you like, especially if you are just beginning, it is more like a trial and error thing. It gets easier to understand if you are annoying or not when you spend more time with that person, but in the beginning, it is just a gut feeling.

One thing that helped me, it was not to overthink how often I should text a girl I like and do it whenever I consider it relevant.

I was more afraid of regretting the fact that I didn’t text her than the fact that I texted her too often. Keep in mind that I hate unmeaningful conversations, so not a single text was just “what are you doing” or “how are you?” but if something came to my mind and I wanted to share(especially if it was related to her), I would not hesitate.

I hope this article managed somehow to help you because this is a question that doesn’t have a straightforward answer.